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Kite Cut
The brilliant kite diamond is usually used for side stones but also make a unique pendant. A unique use of kite shaped diamonds uses 5 kite shaped diamonds set in a star design, invisible set in the center and held with single prongs on each of the "star's" points. The use of five smaller stones is a much less expensive than the high diamond waste required to cut a single stone star shaped diamond.
A volcanic rock formation in South Africa containing peridotite, in which diamonds are formed. It is named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa where an 83.5 carat diamond was discovered in in 1871. Kimberlite pipes are vertical structures in the Earths crust. Kimberlites are an important source of primary diamonds. Many kimberlite pipes also produce rich eluvial or alluvial diamond placer deposits but only 1 out of 200 kimberlite pipes contain gem quality diamonds.