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The baguette is a step cut style used frequently as side stones. Baguettes have unbeveled corners, usually only two rows of facets, and may be rectangular or tapered. Like the emerald cut, the baguette does not have the sparkle of a brilliant cut but has a classic beauty. Higher color and clarity are important because there are no facets to hide inclusions or body color.
Briolette Cut
The Briolette Cut is a drop-shaped stone with triangular or diamond-shaped facets all the way around. There is no table, crown or pavilion. The more facets, the more brilliant the stone appears. The facets on a Briolette are all triangular in shape entirely covering the circular cross section of the stone.
Bezel Setting
A metal rim that surrounds the gemstone to secure it in place by the girdle. The bezel setting style is secure, but does not block light from entering the stone and creating brilliance.
Bar Channel Setting
Individual metal bars are set perpendicular to the ring, separating the gemstones. The metal is molded around a gem to lock it in place.
Light reflected up through the surface of a diamond. Brilliance is maximized by cutting a diamond to the correct proportions.
Bank Wire
A bank wire can be used to pay for all BijanDiamonds items. Bijan Diamonds applies a 2% discount to your order when you purchase through bank wire.

After you place an order and select bank wire as your method of payment, Bijan Diamonds will contact you through phone or email and provide the necessary account information to successfully transfer funds from your account into a Bijan Diamonds account.

A bank wire may take the bank up to two business days to process, so Bijan Diamonds will keep your order on hold for those two business days. Once your bank has transferred the funds and Bijan Diamonds has been notified, your purchase will be processed.

If you have any questions about the steps involved in a bank wire, contact your bank or call Bijan Diamonds’s customer service at 1-800-516-1412.

Determine Your Budget

When a guy’s shopping for an engagement ring, sales people often do a sneaky thing - they make him think that the amount of his love is tied to how much he spends on a ring. Better to figure out how much you can afford to spend before you step foot in a store. The standard rule is two months salary but this is also a rule that the diamond industry created! However it is still a decent place to start, but then figure out your personal budget.