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Earring Hooks
These earring findings are the metal pieces that attach the earring to your ear. They have a open loop that goes through your ear, and a closed loop that is attached to jewelry.
Earring Posts
This earring finding is the metallic pole that can attach the earring to your ear, with a nut at the other end to hold it into place.
Ear Clip
These clip-on earring findings are used for people who haven't got pierced ears, and snap securely into place.
Ear Threaders
These long pieces of chain thread through your earring hole with a thin piece of metal at one end. They hang from your ear lobe with a long piece of chain on both sides.

EGL USA versus EGL International or EGL Israel

EGL USA is not affiliated with other EGL labs (Example: EGL, EGL International, EGL Israel, EGL Belgium, EGL Turkey, etc...) outside of North America.

There are other labs outside of North America which are using same name such as EGL Israel or EGL International (or even some websites call them only EGL) are not part of EGL USA.

Unfortunately EGL USA is in a legal dispute with EGL International or EGL Israel which has been flooding the market with diamonds that have not been graded as stringently. When purchasing an EGL graded stone, be sure to insist upon EGL-USA only unless you and your jeweler are able to scrutinize the stone in question very well and be assured it is as advertised. Any EGL that does not have an EGLUSA logo can sometimes have a 2 or even 3 grades lower in the color and clarity grades. EGL USA is far stricter compared to other EGL locations. Please visit for more information or call EGL USA at (877) 893-8593.

Each consultation of appraisal issued by the EGL USA lab states "A member of the EGL USA Group" and certificate numbers are preceded by either "CA" (Canada) or "US" (United States), to provide consumers the assurance that their certificate has been issued by a member of the EGL USA Group.

See a sample of an EGL USA Certificate below

EGL USA Certificate

See a sample of an EGL International / Israel Certificate below


EGL International or Israel Certificate


EGL USA Online Results
You can check your EGL USA Online Results by visiting EGL USA at, then click on Online Results on the left hand menu. On the Report form box enter your 8 digit Certificate number with a capital D (case sensitive) at the end like so ######04D (type in your actual certificate numbers + D). Important, make sure that there are no spaces before or after the certificate numbers+D otherwise the correct diamond information will not come up. Then click on the submit button beside the Report form and The next page will show you the complete information that your stone has in the EGL USA database.